Thursday, January 29, 2015

I got to paint for NY Comic Con!

Only one customer, but I went to her house to do it and really got to see my vision - and hers - through.

Her plan was to go to NY Comic Con done up in an outfit inspired by a Dr. Who episode, "The Girl in the Fireplace."  Of course, I googled.

Yay, Steampunk!  I've done little touches of Steampunk, but last February at Wicked Faire, I was supposed to have an entire Steampunk body painting that fell through when my awesome model couldn't make it to Faire.

So this was a long time coming in my head.  The results:

She even thought of the globe!

I love a model who's creative and comes prepared.  She'd purchased the gears you see stuck on for some 3D effect, and she made the mask clear by taking a mirrored mask and removing the mirroring with acetone.  Awesome!

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