Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wicked Faire 2015

It happened again!  For the (I figured out) 9th year in a row, I was the Wicked Faire face and body painter.  I love this event so much, look forward to the event every year, and almost always have a blast.  This year may just have been the best yet.

On Friday night, there was a masquerade ball, so my services were perfect for some of the costuming, like this peacock sugar skull.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of her in her full costume, but I'd bet it was terrific!

Meanwhile, Eric and I spent most of the night in the hotel room of these two girls, who also wanted sugar skulls, but with a different flair, to go with gowns and half masks.

We were there so long, that my other appointments came to meet us at their room too! Like this Queen of Hearts.

And this faerie, who was gorgeous even before I got to her.

On Saturday, my peacock came back to be a dark faerie.  This chick was awesome, an Aussie who flew out for Wicked Faire & the Voltaire concert that takes place there every year.  I've seen him, but was more excited myself about Sarah Donner appearing this year.

I had fun all day long.

And even more on Sunday!

I do love faeries.

And I painted myself each day too, of course!



And Sunday.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I got to paint for NY Comic Con!

Only one customer, but I went to her house to do it and really got to see my vision - and hers - through.

Her plan was to go to NY Comic Con done up in an outfit inspired by a Dr. Who episode, "The Girl in the Fireplace."  Of course, I googled.

Yay, Steampunk!  I've done little touches of Steampunk, but last February at Wicked Faire, I was supposed to have an entire Steampunk body painting that fell through when my awesome model couldn't make it to Faire.

So this was a long time coming in my head.  The results:

She even thought of the globe!

I love a model who's creative and comes prepared.  She'd purchased the gears you see stuck on for some 3D effect, and she made the mask clear by taking a mirrored mask and removing the mirroring with acetone.  Awesome!